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apfanforlife28: Vikings Nation enjoy this home game cheer for our defense and help them make Eli Manning throw 4 interceptions tonight. My score for my Vikes 24 to 7 we win. Oct 3, 2016 16:35:03 GMT -5
apfanforlife28: SKOAL Oct 3, 2016 16:35:20 GMT -5
apfanforlife28: p]Thank you Coach Zimmer for getting rid of B Walsh our I don't care about making PATS nor FGs in games we need to win. I am hoping for [/p]

my Vikings to get back to playing confident football this Sunday against the skins. Alright SKOAL Nation get up a

Nov 8, 2016 14:46:18 GMT -5
apfanforlife28: B. Walsh missed another PAT after a score in Washington and he still has a job with the Vikings so I guess this team so I guess this team and Zimmer doesn't want professional players playing for this team. Nov 14, 2016 14:20:24 GMT -5 *
al: start throwing every down!!!!!!!!!! Dec 1, 2016 21:25:16 GMT -5
al: this is embarassing Dec 18, 2016 14:16:53 GMT -5
thepurplehammer: Former 3-sport great for a big-time HS program and a short-careered, injury-riddled college athlete. Coached football, baseball, basketball, hockey and softball ... albeit it a couple very poorly. Now, toiling as an "content-expert" in D/T Mpls. healthcare Dec 25, 2016 21:44:36 GMT -5
champ: Make sure we get the offensive line straight!!! Feb 2, 2017 9:55:00 GMT -5
champ: As far as Walsh is concerned, his struggles from my perspective came way before the Seattle game. I saw inconsistencies in the middle of that season and I thought they should have brought a kicker into training camp then. Feb 3, 2017 19:55:40 GMT -5
champ: I hope Speilman takes care of Xavier's contract and lock him up before the 2018 season. That man deserves a new contract, As Dion Sanders would put it, PAY THE MAN!!! Mar 13, 2017 18:37:51 GMT -5
champ: Don't be surprised if the Vikes get more than 10 wins. The defense is pretty much in tact. If the offense comes together pretty quickly, the Vikes could make some noise! Apr 21, 2017 22:02:13 GMT -5
rfip: Cook Apr 30, 2017 16:13:15 GMT -5
vikesfan50years: whats up? 1st time on....I think our boys should go after Cruz & Blount if we can get them for reasonable price. both still very good & could help out the younger team mates.....good job on pumping up O-Line.....can't wait for the season. May 5, 2017 1:36:14 GMT -5
hipvikefan58: waiting for the season to begin...tick..tick.......we should do very well this year. Did great work to O-Line & RBs... should have gone after Cruz or Maclin or Decker if nothing else they could help the younger ones out & they are still good receivers too. Jun 12, 2017 14:22:35 GMT -5
hipvikefan58: On defense our secondary is always fairly weak. I know a lot of you may disagree but our front 7 has made them look a lot better then they are in past years. Oh yeah we also improved our front 7 too.This could be a nice surprise for us all. Jun 12, 2017 14:26:24 GMT -5
vikinggrog: Could not happen to a nicer group of guys. Sucks to be the Saints next week. Sept 12, 2017 8:17:45 GMT -5
vikinggrog: Good to see Reiff grade out well. I thought Elflein did great too Sept 12, 2017 18:25:39 GMT -5
apfanforlife28: truly enjoyed seeing the OL of today protect Bradford, what a difference protection makes. Still having serious concerns about Neuman/Wayne in the D back field, I hope they can guard a lot better Sunday. I hope Coach Z doesn't put either of them on Brown. Sept 13, 2017 9:01:12 GMT -5
apfanforlife28: Running game I believe is going to get a lot of good miles out of Cook if he runs like he did last week. I am going to change my username and cook is my man. Sept 13, 2017 9:03:12 GMT -5
bec25: BIus :) Sept 25, 2017 16:09:23 GMT -5